Visuals & Communication

At UW-IT's Enterprise Reporting & Analytics, I have combined my interests in design, technology, and writing to develop marketing, training, and communications materials ranging from IT Connect content to videos in support of the business intelligence (BI) team.

In Autumn 2020, the BI Team released a new UW Admissions data cube. I partnered with the Registrar's Office to develop training and marketing content related to the new cube.

* Work in Progress *


With my job, I've learned to become more comfortable designing things that I am told to do with constraints rather than just designing in my own regard. Having the skills of both creative design and having specific directions is something that I never thought was important. However, I can now understand both of these sides and can comfortably switch between the two. 

I've gotten better at adapting to my company's branding from specific colors, fonts, and logos. Besides designing infographics and handouts, I've also have gotten better at producing videos with my knowledge of basic editing and voice recording.

I hope to stretch myself even more through different mediums in the future!