Game Rules

As an avid board gamer, one issue that's sometimes a problem is the clarity of the game's instruction manual. 

This can make it harder to understand the game's rules and could turn people away from playing. 

Tough instruction manuals can be a reason for newbie gamers to not pursue the world of board gaming that I enjoy.

That's why I've decided to improve one of my favorite games, Fluxx, by editing some of its instructions.


 Main Improvements:

  • Overview

  • Set Up

  • Card Types

All three sections have been cut down to improve clarity and incorporate common vocab for ages 8+.


Since the game is based on fluctuating rules, beginning confusion is bound to happen A lot of the rules will either contradict or work as an addition, which can get messy quickly. Examples are really important and if I were to improve on this more, I would like to come up with common problems that I've encountered while playing this game.